The Montessori Preschool


                                       Sports program

Once a week we offer sports in the large community hall or athletics at the nearby sports field.

During fun games, the children learn to run, skip, hop, crawl roll, jump, climb, throw and catch. Thereby, each child can develop social abilities – such as sharing, turn-taking and fair play.

Furthermore, the various games and formations establish listening and attention skills and encourage coordination, balance and overall physical development.

Music program

In class, educators lead a group of children through joyful activities, using music and movement.

Tapping out rhythms on sticks, shaking jingle bells, moving and singing are all part of the child's play in the Kindermusik world.
Movement and dance activities improve coordination and balance.

Music-making and music-listening activities develop self-discipline, as well as critical and creative thinking skills.