The Montessori Preschool


Forest day

Once a month we have a forest day.

It is wonderful to walk or run through the forest, see the changes in nature as the seasons change, smell the smell of a rainy forest day or a hot dry one.

The pine trees in the nearby forest have a particularly nice scent to them. The boggy smell of the little pond increases as the weather gets warmer.

The pond fills up when it has rained a lot and is frozen in Winter.
Balancing on logs, climbing over branches, building tepees gives us valuable gross motor experiences.
We learn to dress to suit the weather, how to behave as guests in the forest, - after all we are the visitors. No breaking off branches, killing 'creepy crawlies' or leaving our rubbish lying around.
We observe nature, for example budding leaves, ripe berries and nuts, insects that live in the forest. This gives us food for thought and we can discuss what we have seen and experienced.
We need to protect our environment, and the more we know and learn about it, the more willing we are to love and    protect it.