October Newsletter 2021


Dear Parents,

Autumn has finally arrived. Nature is showing itself from a most beautiful side. We often have fine weather in October and go on walks whenever we can. We shall probably have to go on walks more often the next few months, as “our” playground is going to be renewed. Finding chestnuts and acorns gives us the chance to do lots of sorting and counting activities and we look at the shapes of the leaves and learn their names. Leaves are everywhere. The time for collecting red, yellow and brown leaves and making autumn collages with interesting pieces of nature the nearby forest has to offer, has begun!

In keeping with the season we will be talking about hibernation of squirrels, hedgehogs and other animals and about the birds that prefer living in warmer climates during winter.We shall trace and cut out squirrels, hedgehogs and mushrooms and make little kites. The colours that will dominate the artwork will be orange, brown and yellow.


Friday, October 8th we shall have an “Oktober Fest” at the preschool. Should your child/children own a Dirndl or Lederhosen, a chequered blouse or shirt, an apron or anything Bavarian looking please let them wear that on Friday. We shall listen to Bavarian music and cook Weißwürste and eat pretzels.


This month we were thinking about a special field trip (as there will not be a Halloween party). We want to meet up with you all at the Tempelhofer Feld, to fly kites and have a picnic. The only problem is, that it would need to be on a weekend and not during the Berlin Autumn holidays, as families with siblings often go away. Maybe on the 23rd the first Saturday after the holidays – depending on the weather – but let’s see. It will probably have to be a rather spontaneous get together .

Now talking about weather, in autumn it can also be quite nasty. Please remember that we will go out every day, may it be windy, cold or rainy, so please dress your children accordingly.

Fenja, our new sports teacher has started giving the lessons, which take place on Thursdays from 10.00 – 10.45. Please bring your children punctually, so they don’t miss out.

During our ‚nature month‘ we look forward to beautiful walks in our neighbourhood and many projects with leaves, acorns, chestnuts, beechnuts and berries.

Have a happy October!                                                                                                                 

Your Montessori team


September Newsletter 2021

Dear Parents,

In August the theme of the month was “All about me”. It involved the drawing of self-portraits, drawing homes and rooms, naming body parts, weighing and measuring, talking about our feelings and senses with lots of games and finger-plays involved with this theme.

The topics this month are “sunflowers” and “apples”.

The first theme involves the drawing of sunflowers, tracing and cutting them out, handprint sunflowers and sunflower collages.

We shall talk about what you can make out of sunflowers and taste some sunflower seeds and – bread at circle time.

The second theme will also involve drawing, tracing and cutting out. In the previous years we were invited to Annie’s garden to pick apples. Maybe someone else also has some heavily laden apple trees in their garden and would like to invite us all around to help? If not, Annie (my daughter) will surely enjoy having us again. At the parent evening we talked about using public transportation and whether it is ok. Please let me know how you feel about this.


Lucy, the music teacher, will also involve apple songs into her lessons, as shall we at circle time.

As a cooking project we plan to make apple sauce and/or an apple cake – lots of hand/eye co-ordination is involved in the chopping and fine motor skills are strengthened.

I’m afraid I forgot to mention in the minutes of the parent evening, that there had been a question from one of our parents, why we don’t also offer cheese, sliced cold meats or jam on the bread the children have for breakfast. It was discussed and the (rather dominant) vegetarians pled for only cheese. Meanwhile some of our “carnivores“ have addressed me and said that they would also like us to offer sliced cold meats, so we will offer both in future and naturally watch who is eating what. Apart from water, fruit tea is also being offered, but the children haven’t really taken to it yet.

Unfortunately Margot and her family have returned to Australia. We shall miss them dreadfully and wish them all the best .

We look forward to a busy, warm September,

Your Montessori team      



 August Newsletter 2021


Dear Parents,

It is the start of a new school year and we hope you all enjoyed your summer holidays.

A big welcome to our newcomers: Alexandre, Jakob, Marko, Elias, Jakob, Leon, Edgar, Max, Lilo, Maya, Clara and Lucie and to our “oldies”: Akshaya, Fenja, Lina, Emily Margot, Lilly, Emilia, Lia, Maya, Levi and Milan and to you all!

August is the settling-in month for our newcomers, the month in which the children get to know each other and routines are established. A lot of time is spent working individually with children, showing them how the materials are used.

In August the theme of the month is “All about me”.

It involves the drawing of self portraits, hand- and foot prints, naming body parts, weighing and measuring, talking about our feelings and senses with lots of games and finger-plays involved with this topic.

Unfortunately Corona is still rather present, therefor we ask you to wear masks when you are in the building. Should your child/children show signs of a cold, please do a Covid test, which you can get from the preschool, with them before coming in.

There will not be a field trip in August, but we shall have a “teddy bears’ picnic either in our garden, or in the woods close by, with each child bringing his or her favourite bear friend.

Our first parent evening will be on Wednesday, August at 25th at 8.00 p.m.

We look forward to a busy, warm August, during which we can spend lots of time out- doors in our atrium garden and to a happy new school year.

Your Montessori team



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