November Newsletter 2018

Dear Parents,

A truly golden October has come to an end – a month of many wonderful activities. We enjoyed them all – the cutting, tracing, folding gluing fine motor projects as well as the painting in fall colours which gave free rein to creative urges. The fieldtrip to the “Elfie Wiese”, where we found our little pumpkins, was blessed with good weather and high spirits and the Halloween party at the end of the month was a huge success. Thank you for your wonderful food and for helping carrying out the party.

November is the time of lantern walks in Germany. We shall learn some lantern walk songs and talk about the traditions.

The lantern parade will take place on Friday, November 9 th . The preschool will end after lunch at 1p.m. and we ask you to bring the children back to the preschool at 5p.m on that day and to join us, with the siblings, on the walk. We will start our parade walking through the streets singing the lantern songs we are presently practising and then have sausages and Glühwein/cacao at the back of the church, chatting around a bonfire after.

For safety reasons we will not be lighting the lanterns the traditional way with candles, but will use lantern-sticks with little bulbs which you can buy at Woolworth’s, Karstadt, at drugstores or at any stationery (Please buy them as soon as possible, as they tend to get sold out pretty quickly. The shorter they are – the better). We need the lantern sticks (with batteries) by Wednesday, so that we can fasten them to the lanterns and have them prepared for the walk.

As in the previous year the children tended to get dangerously close to the fire I just wanted to beg you please to look after your children whilst having a delightful chat.

In November, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. We shall tell the story of the first Thanksgiving and talk about turkeys, Pilgrims and Native Americans, with emphasis on how the latter lived at that time. We shall also talk about things for which we are thankful.

Our cooking project of the month will be the popping of popcorn and in role-play the children will have the opportunity to play with the ‘Playmobil’ Native Americans.

As St. Martin’s is a German celebration, we will sing more German songs in the first part of the month. For Thanksgiving we will sing more English songs.

Sadly we need to say good-bye to Joseph and Nate and wish them all the best for their future.

A warm welcome to Alek and Akshya and to their families! We are looking forward to working happily together on the children’s process of growing up and becoming independent.

We wish you all a happy November!    

Your Montessori team


October Newsletter 2018

Dear Parents,

Autumn has finally arrived. This is my favourite time of the year. Nature is showing itself from a most beautiful side. We often have fine weather in October and go on walks whenever we can. Finding chestnuts and acorns gives us the chance to do lots of sorting and counting activities and we look at the shapes of the leaves and learn their names. Leaves are everywhere. The time for collecting red, yellow and brown leaves and making autumn collages with interesting pieces of nature the nearby forest has to offer, has begun!

In keeping with the season we will be talking about hibernation of squirrels, hedgehogs and other animals and about the birds that prefer living in warmer climates during winter.

The colours that will dominate the artwork will be orange, brown and yellow but will change into orange and black, the closer we get to Halloween. Towards the middle of the month we shall be busy making ghosts, bats, spiders and jack-o-lanterns. We shall draw them, trace them, cut them out etc.

Friday, October 5 th we shall have an “Oktober Fest” at the preschool. Should your child/children own a Dirndl or Lederhosen, a chequered blouse or shirt, an apron or anything Bavarian looking please let them wear that on Friday. We shall listen to Bavarian music and cook Weißwürste and eat pretzels.

On Thursday, October 25 th we shall be going to the “Elfi Wiese” to find pumpkins. This is normally an exciting field trip for the children, as they always have great fun looking for the pumpkins in the fields. The joy in their faces when they have been successful is a pleasure to see.

The cooking project this month will be pumpkin soup after we have carved a Jack-o-lantern out of a biggish pumpkin.

As discussed at the parent evening, our Halloween party will be on Wednesday, October 31 st .

The preschool will be open on that day from 9.00 – 14.00. .

We will not have a certain topic. The children and you can come dressed up as you like. Preferably spooky – but not too spooky so as not to frighten the children. We shall offer spooky artwork and spooky kind of games. At 1.30 p.m. we shall go on our trick-or-treat-tour around the building.

A list for a special snack for the party will be hanging on the door one week before the party, but you can already have a look in the internet for a special kind of Halloween snack, you may like to bring J.

Lucy, our music teacher, has been with us for a month now and the children really enjoy the music lessons. Please put 50 Euro in an envelope with your child’s name on it and give it to us. We will forward the money (for five months) to Lucy. Thank you!

Madalena is back with us again – hurrah!

From November onwards the preschool will be open from 8.00 – 16.00.

The time for the families with the 5-7 hour voucher will not change. Should you want to take advantage of the longer opening hour, then you will need to have a “Ganztagsgutschein” (7-9 hours)

In future we shall have a sports teacher, Annie, who will come on Mondays. The lesson will begin at 10.00 a.m

As the weather in autumn can also be quite nasty please remember that we will go out every day, may it be windy, cold or rainy, so please dress your children accordingly.

A warm welcome to Ludovica, Innocent and Marcelo and their families.

During our ‚nature month‘ we look forward to beautiful walks in our neighbourhood and many projects with leaves, acorns, chestnuts, beechnuts and berries and two wonderful  small parties (Oktober Fest & Halloween).

Have a happy October!  

Your Montessori team


September Newsletter 2018

Dear Parents,

I am sorry this month’s newsletter is so late, but I was busily travelling around Scotland and have only just realized, that you haven’t received a newsletter for September yet.

In August the theme of the month was “fish”.

The children enjoyed the fish topic immensely. It involved the drawing of fish, tracing and cutting them out, naming their parts and making origami fish. We also talked about the largest mammals on our planet (whales) and about jellyfish.

We wanted to see how well the little newcomers settle in first before going on a field trip. Therefore we did not visit the aquarium like we normally do, when we have the fish topic.

But now to September (which is already half over).

This month’s themes are “All about me” and “apples”

The children have been busy drawing self-portraits, their families and homes, naming body parts, weighing and measuring themselves, talking about feelings and senses and singing songs and playing finger-plays.


During our second theme there will also be lots of drawing, tracing and cutting out. Last year we were invited to my father-in-law’s garden to pick apples. Maybe someone else also has some heavily laden apple trees in their garden and would like to invite us all around to help?

 If not, Pa-in-law will surely enjoy having us again.

Lucy, the music teacher, is also involving apple songs into her lessons (Tuesdays 9:30-10:30) as are we at circle time.

As a cooking project we plan to make apple sauce and/or an apple cake – lots of hand/eye co-ordination is involved in the chopping and fine motor skills are strengthened.

The doctor is coming on the 20 th to look at the 3 ½ - 4 ½ year olds. Please remember to bring in the filled out papers and the booklets the doctor required.


We are looking forward to the second half of this lovely warm September,

Your Montessori team


  June Newsletter 2018

Dear parents,

In the last few weeks the weather has been fabulous. The children spent a lot of time outdoors in our little garden, planting tomatoes, potatoes, pumpkins and flowers and playing in the sand/mud.

The interesting May topic “frogs” has come to an end. Our little tadpoles have diminished in quantity but the few remaining ones got hind legs and arms. Hurrah, the metamorphosis took place and I was able to bring at least seven little frogs to my parent’s pond.

In June our Theme will be “Fairy tales”.

We shall read many fairy tales and prepare props for our plays.

Our forest day on the first Wednesday in June will be at the “Krumme Lanke”. We shall meet at the parking place at the end of the Fischerhüttenstraße at 8:30 or at the playground in the forest. At 9:30 we shall start walking through the forest so we can be back at the preschool for lunch.

Now to June’s most exciting topic for everyone – the SUMMER PARTY!

On Friday the 29 th of June there will be no preschool in the morning. We look forward to welcoming you all at 4:00 p.m. . At approximately 4:30p.m. the first play will start. After that we shall have some refreshments and then the second play will begin.

At around 5:30 we shall start our fun and games – all to do with fairy tales.

Hopefully at ~6.30 p.m. we shall start our barbecue. Please add something you would like to bring for supper to the list. After dinner we shall say our good byes to the parents and to the children who will not be overnighting and then proceed to go on our scavenger hunt. When we return we shall prepare our sleeping quarters and get ready for bed.

We invite whoever can make it to come next morning at 8:30a.m. with breakfast (please also sign up on the breakfast list). As we probably shall all be tired from the night before, school will end at 10:00 a.m.

The overnighting children will need: a sleeping-bag or blanket, an “Isomatte” or mattress of one kind or another, night wear, a toothbrush and their cuddly toy.

On June 5 th we shall have a parent meeting starting at 2.00p.m. at the Preschool. We hope to have the meeting at the playground, so that the children can play whilst we have a little talk.

The topics will be:

  1. General information
  2. The summer party (Friday, June 29 th )
  3. The preschool closure
  4. When will your child leave?
  5. Any other concerns you may have.

Have a great June!

Your Montessori team


May Newsletter 2018

Dear Parents,

Here we are in the merry month of May. We hope you all enjoyed the long weekend at the beginning of the month. The weather definitely was great!

In May our main topics will be ‘Parents’, Frogs and ‘Insects’

We shall trace and cut out frogs, make origami frogs, finger-paint frogs and toilet-roll-frogs. Sophia brought in some frogspawn so we can all observe the metamorphosis which takes place from spawn to frog. It is really so interesting to see the tadpoles develop from the spawn and then look to see whether they are already growing arms and legs. The young frogs will later be returned to the pond.

We shall talk all about what wonderful things parents do for us and why we are so happy we have them and last but not least we shall make lots of lovely insects. We hope for some nice warm days so we can go for small walks through the forest in search of insects hidden under leaves or between the bark of trees. Naturally we shall take our insect glasses along so that we can bring back and identify the more interesting specimens.

As Mary unfortunately was not with us on our lovely fieldtrip to the botanical gardens and as there are hundreds of frogs there to see and hear we shall go there again for our May fieldtrip.

Now is the time for planting the seeds of summer flowers, so we shall spend more time in our garden, sowing seeds, watering them and enjoying the good weather. We won’t only be gardening in our little garden, but shall also take out other working materials from the “Montessori room” the nicer it gets outside.

We have observed that it is rather disturbing for some children, when they get picked up during lunch time. We shall therefor close the kitchen door whilst we eat. Should you need to pick up your child between 12.45 – 13.30 please write it on the paper hanging on the “parent board” as we will not be able to hear any knocking on the main door during this time.

 A quick reminder that the preschool will be closed for Ascension Day, 10 th and 11 th of May and for Whitsun/Pentecost on the 21 st  of May.

Just in case you might be planning your holidays, the Summer party will take place on Friday, the 30 th of June. There will be no preschool that day. The party will begin at 3.00 p.m. and end next day at 10.00 for the sleep-over-children.

Have a lovely month and don’t let the May bugs bite!

Your Montessori team


April Newsletter 2018 

Dear Parents,

We hope you had a wonderful Easter vacation (although the weather in Europe was not great, but thankfully is getting very much better) and have returned well rested.

Easter was very early this year, which made March an extremely busy month. We continued the topic “nutrition” for the first two weeks. In the middle month Shaun the leprechaun put in an appearance. He played a few tricks on us, but we found his pot of gold hidden under the old oak tree.

Then we had to get prepared for Easter. The children made Easter baskets, decorated the blown out eggs and traced and cut out paper eggs.

The Easter-egg-hunt was the grand finale.

Now for April.

Flowers are beginning to bloom, buds are opening, leaves are appearing and fruit trees are coming into blossom. What better time can there be to talk about flowers? We shall talk about various kinds of plants, the different parts of a plant, what plants need for growth, etc.

In our little green house the children can sow seeds and hopefully we will be able to plant the seedlings in the garden a few weeks later. In keeping with this month’s theme we shall visit the botanical gardens on Wednesday, April 25 th .

On Thursday, April 26 th the dentist will be coming at 10.00 o’clock.

The Anne Sophie school has invited our 4, 5, 6 year-olds to see a puppet show. These children will leave the preschool on April 18 th at 9.00 o’clock with Anusha and Madalena, while the oldies, Mary and myself, will stay here and work with the two and three year-olds.

The preschool will be closed on Monday, April 30 th .

A warm welcome to Julian (Ellie’s little brother), who will be joining us this month.

And now last but not least THANK YOU all so much for the beautiful flowers, the cinema tickets and delicious sweets you gave me for my birthday.

We wish you all a wonderful April!

Your Montessori team

March Newsletter 2018

Dear Parents,

In the short month of February lots of children were missing due to illness and our group shrunk to ten children. We are happy to see the absentees slowly but surely returning, some still a little pale but all excited to be back again.

In February we first had a most enjoyable carnival party. Early in the morning the children busied themselves with carnival related artwork, which was followed by lots of party games. Thank you once again for the wonderful party snacks.

Then for Valentine’s Day the children had fun tracing and cutting out hearts and making and sending their Valentines.

And last but not least we talked a lot about nutrition. The first week was our fruit week; followed by our vegetable week. Coming week we shall talk about grain and as a cooking project, make our own bread.

From the 12 th of March on we shall start to get our pre-school green.

On March 17 th each year, the Irish and Irish-Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by the “wearin’ of the green” and the Irish in New York City hold a huge parade. We shall make lots of shamrock art for the school and it would be nice if the children could wear green on Friday the 16th.

The holiday commemorates St. Patrick who, legend tells us, went about Ireland as a missionary, preaching and using the shamrock as an illustration of the Trinity. St. Patrick was also credited with ridding Ireland of snakes.

During the week we shall listen to lots of Irish music and dance to it.

On the 16 th we shall go to the Theater Lichterfelde to look at “Kanin Kurzohr” (leaving the preschool at 9.15) and on our way back we shall walk through the forest in search of the pot of gold that Shaun the leprechaun will surely have hidden under an old oak tree.

After St. Patrick’s Day we shall start with Easter preparations: ‘rabbits’, ‘roosters’ and‘eggs’.

As I’ve been blowing out eggs for months we should have enough for the children to decorate in different ways but should you like to bring in some more blown out eggs please do!

Thursday, March 29 th , the last day before the holidays, we shall have a small egg-hunt in the garden just to practice for the real hunt should you have one.

The preschool will reopen on Monday, April 9 th .

We wish you all a happy Easter, a successful Easter-egg-hunt and relaxing holidays!

Your Montessori team


February Newsletter 2018

Dear Parents,

„Quiet January“ has come to an end and with it the month‘s topic – dinosaurs.

The children know the names of the largest plant eaters and the fiercest meat eaters, they know which means of defence the plant eaters had and which theories there are, why the dinosaurs are now extinct. Our field trip to the “Naturkunde Museum” was long, but is always very special. The abstract huge dinosaurs suddenly become so real. Our children were the best behaved and we were so proud of them. Thank you Annemieke, Dinara and Emily for joining us. It makes it a more worthwhile trip for the children if they are in small groups with a grown-up.

This month we have three major topics: ‘Fasching’ (Carnival) and Valentine’s Day (which unfortunately lie fairly close to each other this year) and nutrition.

February is the month of hearts and heart art will occupy a lot of the children’s time. We will trace out hearts, decorate hearts, make heart people, heart mobiles, make ‘window-colour’ hearts and talk about Valentine’s Day.

The ‘Faschings-party’ will take place on

Tuesday, February 13 th from 9.00 – 13.30

and we look forward to seeing wonderfully dressed up, happy children. Should your child not want to dress up – no problem; then we will only have a happy child that is not dressed up J.

The snack-party-list will be hanging out in the hall, for you to add something to it.

We shall make the traditional Shrove Tuesday pancakes for our cooking project on the Wednesday after Fasching.

During the second part of the month we shall talk about nutrition. March 7 th is the day of healthy nutrition, so by then we ought to know all about that J.

We wish you a hearty and healthy February

Your Montessori team


January Newsletter 2018

Dear Parents,

We wish you all a happy and healthy new year and hope you had an enjoyable holiday season. Thank you once again for all the wonderful Christmas presents you and the children gave us. They are greatly appreciated.

January is the relaxed month. The pressures of Christmas are over and everyone is free to do his or her own thing without worrying about presents and plays.

The “Winter” theme normally dominates January but because of the lack of a real cold winter feeling we will postpone this theme and just start with one of our favourite topics “dinosaurs”. We shall talk about meat eating and plant eating dinosaurs, about dinosaurs that could fly, swim or only move on land, how they lived and what means of defence they had and why they are not alive anymore. This theme is normally very much enjoyed by the children and will probably last longer than just one month. Should your children own any dinosaurs or dinosaur books please let them bring them to preschool for us all to appreciate.

Parent-teacher conferences will be held daily from 8.00 – 9.00 o’clock so please sign up should you be interested in a little chat.

A warm welcome to Lavinia, Florentine’s little sister who joined us in December and to Leo, Lilli’s little brother who will now join us.

Happy January!

Your Montessori team


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