September Newsletter 2019

Dear Parents,

In August the themes of the month were supposed to be “fish” and “sunflowers”.

The first theme involved the drawing of fish, tracing and cutting them out, naming their parts and making many kinds of different fish.
The children enjoyed the fish topic immensely, so that we didn’t even get around to the second topic “sunflowers”.
Our trip to the aquarium was once again a worth while experience and we discovered most of the fish we set out to find.

The themes this month are “sunflowers” (it is always such a lovely one, so we won’t just skip it) and “bears”.

As I had mentioned in the previous newsletter, the first theme involves the drawing of sunflowers, tracing and cutting them out, handprint sunflowers and sunflower collages.

The second theme will also involve drawing, tracing and cutting out and maybe some children might even like to sew their own teddy bear.

0n Wednesday we shall have our first forest day of the new school term. We would like to go to the Grunewald and have a teddy bear’s picnic there, so it would be nice if the children could bring in their favourite teddy on that day -although it would not be “show-and-tell-day”. Should their favourite teddy be giant size, maybe you could persuade them to choose a smaller one.

As a cooking project we once again plan to make sunflower seed bread, which we shall enjoy with butter at snack-time.

We look forward to a busy, warm September.

Your Montessori team


August Newsletter 2019 

Dear Parents,

It is the start of a new school year and we hope you all enjoyed your summer holidays.

A big welcome to our newcomers: Theodor, Nelefine and Casper and to our “oldies”: Maxi, Junia, Jonah, Livi, Gigi, Marcelo, Valentin, Michal, Oskar, Leo, Akshaya, Jeremy, Fenja, Romy, Alek, Lina, Amanda, Leonard, and to you all!

August is the settling-in month for our newcomers, the month in which the children get to know each other and routines are established. A lot of time is spent working individually with children, showing them how the materials are used.

In August the themes of the month are “fish” and “sunflowers”.
The first theme involves the drawing of fish, tracing and cutting them out, naming their parts, making origami fish and “fishy” songs and finger plays.
The second theme will also involve drawing, tracing and cutting out. We shall make sunflower hand prints and sunflower collages.

As a science activity we will offer “sink and float” exercises in the garden where we have a large water table and hope that the weather will stay warm and nice so that we can go out.

We plan to make sunflower seed bread as our cooking project this month, which we shall enjoy with butter at snack time.

The dentist came on Thursday to teach the children how to clean their teeth properly. She did not examine the teeth this time.

In future the sports lesson will take place on Fridays at 10.00 .

Our first parent evening will take place on Wednesday, August 21 st , at 8.00p.m. at the preschool.

We look forward to a busy, warm August, during which we can spend lots of time out- doors in our atrium garden and to a happy new school year.

Your Montessori team


June Newsletter 2019

Dear Parents,

The merry month of May, which was extremely cold this year, has come to an end and with it our insect theme.
The children made beautiful ladybirds, bees and butterflies, which can be admired in the hall and on the bulletin boards.
 We went to the Botanical Gardens on Wednesday to see the gorgeous flowers and observe the insects which were attracted by the smell and beauty. As usual it was a lovely fieldtrip.

Now to June
Before the preschool term ends, we still have two special events -the daytrip to the Erlebnis- and Tierpark Germendorf on Wednesday and our summer party on Friday, 14 th .

I have just seen the weather forecast for Wednesday and am horrified – it will probably be the worst possible weather. If things don’t change I shall have to cancel the bus as we can’t spend the day there if thunderstorms have been forecasted. Should the weather change though, we shall leave the preschool at 9.15, spend the day at Germendorf and return by 15.00. The fee for the trip will be 25Euro/child. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can go.

The second event will be the SUMMER PARTY (I’m only hoping the weather will not ruin that).
On Friday, June 14 th there will be no preschool in the morning. We look forward to welcoming you all at 4:00 p.m.. At approximately 4:30p.m. the play will start. After the play there will be a small snack (juice and biscuits) and then the games will begin! At approximately 6.00 p.m. we shall have a barbecue and the party should end at about 8.00 p.m. We shall supply the meat and cheese for the bbq and there will be a list hanging up for salads, bread, juice or whatever else you may like to contribute.

On Friday, 21 st Sofia has invited us to her home as a little farewell party. We shall leave the preschool at 9.00 o’clock and be back at 13.00.

At last our beautiful preschool t-shirts have arrived. They can be purchased for 10.00 Euro each.

From the 17 th - 26 th we shall have a trainee, Paula from Zaragoza (Spain).

The last day of the school term will be Wednesday, June 26 th .
For all of you who will be returning the preschool will reopen on WEDNESDAY July 24 th and we look forward to a happy new term together.

For all of you who will be leaving we wish all the very best. Thank you for trusting us with your wonderful children. We will surely miss them and you.
We hope you all have a wonderful relaxing holiday in Berlin or elsewhere.
Postcards are appreciated!

Your Montessori team 

P.S. Friday, 7th will be the photographer’s 3 rd try. He will be there at 8.30.
Monday, 10 th is Whitsun and the preschool will be closed.


May Newsletter 2019

Dear Parents,

Here we are in the merry month of May. We hope you all enjoyed the Easter vacation. The weather definitely was great!

April was dominated by our Easter preparations and the children spent a lot of time decorating and painting eggs, tracing and cutting out bunnies, learning Easter poems and songs and finally practising for the Easter egg hunt at home.

Spring flowers also played a large role in April and the children made many beautiful artwork flowers. They learnt to recognize the main Spring flowers and it was very rewarding passing by the gardens in the neighbourhood to hear shouts of recognition: that’s a daffodil, hyacinth or tulip.

In May our main topics will be ‘Parents’ and ‘Insects’.

We shall talk all about what wonderful things parents do for us and why we are so happy we have them and we shall make lots of lovely insects.

Hopefully there will be many nice warm days so we can go for small walks through the forest in search of insects hidden under leaves or between the bark of trees. Naturally we shall take our insect glasses along so that we can bring back and identify the more interesting specimens.

Now is the time for planting the seeds of summer flowers, so we shall spend more time in our garden, sowing seeds, watering them and enjoying the hopefully better weather. We won’t only be gardening in our little garden, but shall also take out other working materials from the “Montessori room” the nicer it gets outside.

The photographer will be coming on Wednesday 8 th , so we shall postpone our forest day by a day and go on the Thursday.

The dentist will check the children’s teeth on Thursday 16 th , so please make sure to brush them on that morning J.

Should the weather be nice on the 22 nd we shall visit the botanical gardens.

We are happy to welcome back Mia, one of our former students, who will be with us for two weeks doing a practical training.

A quick reminder that the preschool will be closed for Ascension Day, May 30 th  and 31 st .

Have a happy month and don’t let the May bugs bite!

Your Montessori Team


April Newsletter 2019

Dear parents,

April is the Easter month, so for the first part of April we shall leave the flower theme which we had picked up on and shall talk about Easter instead. The artwork will be in keeping with the topic and so will the songs and stories at circle time.

We shall discuss the difference between roosters, cockerels, hens and chicks. We shall busy ourselves with rabbits. We shall sew rabbits, trace and cut them out and make toilet-paper-roll –rabbits and of course there will be a lot of egg art. We shall also talk about sheep and Beatrice has very kindly organized a field trip on the 10 th of April to the “Museum Europäischer Kulturen” (Arminallee 25, 14195 Berlin) where we shall learn all about “wool”. The fee will be 5Euro per child.

The dentist will be coming on Friday the 12 th with her crocodile to show the children how to brush their teeth.

On Thursday, April 18 th , the Easter bunny will probably pop into the preschool and hide a few eggs, so that the children can practice a little before he comes to their homes.

School will be closed for the Easter holidays from Thursday April 18 th (last school day) until Friday April 26 th (last holiday day) .

We wish you all a happy Easter and a successful Easter egg hunt!

Your Montessori team


March Newsletter 2019

Dear Parents,

For our 20. Anniversary get together the preschool looked absolutely lovey, with all the various kinds of beautiful hearts the children had been tracing, cutting, gluing, sewing etc. during the first half of the month.

Thank you so much Nuran, Leigh, Anke, Constanze, Beatrice, Tavengwa, Angela, Annielle, Joy and Izabella for the wonderful cakes you donated. They were greatly appreciated and we were very pleased to also see you and the children at the party. Thank you also for the birthday presents.

During the second half of the month we busied ourselves with “experiments”. The children were really interested in all the different kind of experiments, so that we shall offer them more frequently at circle time in future, but not as a topic.

Now to March:

March the first is a very special day in Bulgaria and Vanina (Alek’s Mum) has kindly introduced us all the celebration of Baba Marta. Thank you for all the beautiful Martenizi you made and for the explanation of the Bulgarian Tradition.

Next on our list of March celebrations is “carnival”. The party will take place on Monday, March 4 th during school hours.

The previous parties (Christmas and Halloween) in the large community hall have been with sibling and parent participation. The “Fasching-Party” is normally celebrated on a smaller scale and only in the Montessori rooms. Please bring your children dressed up on Monday.

After carnival we shall start to get our pre-school green.

On March 17 th each year, the Irish and Irish-Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by the “wearin’ of the green”. We shall make lots of shamrock art for the school and it would be nice if the children could wear green on Monday the 18th.

The holiday commemorates St. Patrick who, legend tells us, went about Ireland as a missionary, preaching and using the shamrock as an illustration of the Trinity. St. Patrick was also credited with ridding Ireland of snakes.

During the week we shall listen to Irish music, dance to it and on the 18 th we shall go in search of the pot of gold that Shaun the leprechaun will surely have hidden under an old oak tree.

After St. Patrick’s Day our new topic will be spring flowers.

Have a happy month

Your Montessori Team


February Newsletter 2019

Dear Parents,

In January the children spent a lot of time making igloos, penguins, polar bears and other animals from the Arctic region and learning about life in the Arctic and Antarctica.

To round up our topic we shall visit the zoo on Wednesday to hopefully see all the animals we have talked so much about during the last few weeks.

We shall leave the preschool at 9.00 o’clock and be back at 2.30p.m..

In February we have two major topics: Valentine’s Day and our 20 th anniversary.

We shall soon (after our zoo trip) start to trace out hearts, decorate hearts, make heart people, heart mobiles, make ‘window-colour’ hearts and talk about Valentine’s Day. Topics during circle time will naturally be “love” and about being kind.

As I had mentioned in the last newsletter, there will be no preschool on the 15 th , but we would be pleased to greet you and the children at our large get together with the former students and their parents from 2.00 p.m. – 5p.m..

We would also like to ask you whether you could help that day as the “hosting generation”, by bringing in a cake, either on the 14 th or the afternoon of the 15 th . We shall offer coffee and cake, juice and biscuits and rolls. There will be a tombola and LOTS of chatting.

We can hardly believe that 20 years could pass by so quickly. That of course is a sign, that it was a lovely time with lots of fun, joy and excitement.

We wish you all a hearty and healthy February

Your Montessori team


January Newsletter 2019

Dear Parents,

Although the newsletter is really late this month we wish you a happy and healthy new year and hope you had an enjoyable holiday season. Thank you once again for all the wonderful Christmas presents you and the children gave us. They are greatly appreciated

January is the cozy month. The Christmas excitement is over, but there is lots of “telling“ to do.

By now the children are so much at home in the classroom that they are well able to work independently for longer periods of time, giving the teachers the opportunity to work with individuals on a 1 to 1 basis. Lots of development takes place and the teachers also have time to observe more and take each child „one step further“ as necessary.

The „Winter“ theme dominates January. Cutting out paper snowflakes to decorate the windows can give the children valuable cutting practice. Snowmen, polar bears and penguins figure largely in art activities, as does white paint in all art work.

All we need now is snow for our topic to be really up to date!

Next month we shall be celebrating our 20 anniversary.

There will be no preschool on February 15 th .

The party, to which you are all invited will be from 2.00p.m. – 5.00p.m.

Parent-teacher conferences will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 9.45 a.m. and 11.00a.m. So please sign up should you be interested in a little chat.

A warm welcome to Fenja and Oskar who started this month.

Happy January!

Your Montessori team


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